Sindri Oak AKA. Gilean


Forest Gnome.


Languages: Common, Gnomish, Elvish, and Celestial.

Size: Small

Speed: 25ft

Background: Sage Astronomer

Arcane Tradition: Lore Master

Str: 8 (-1)
Dex: 12 (1)
Con: 12 (
Int: 16 (3)
Wis: 14 (
Cha: 10 (+0)


Sindri Oak, the gnome, has spent his youth exploring Zivilyn Wood, a vast forest located a few miles north of Talabriga, so named after the God of wisdom whose symbol is a great green tree. Sindri lived with the rest of the Oak clan in the grasslands north-west of Zivilyn Wood. He and his young friends, would frequently explore the forest looking for strange animals to ponder, play games and devise grand pranks to pull on their clansmen. Sindri has an overwhelming love for knowledge and spent his evenings reading by candlelight, gnomish tomes on anything he could find.

During a game of hide and seek in the forest with his friends (games which typically took days to complete) Sindri saw something which he had only ever read about: a beautiful and majestic white horse with powerful angelic wings, a Pegasus. From what he had read he knew this encounter to be remarkably rare, so- lest he scare the beautiful creature away- he remained motionless in the tree where he had been hiding, watching the celestial creature curiously loiter underneath the tree canopies. Not long after the encounter had started, Sindri heard rustling in the bush outside of view in the wood. His first inclination was to check back to the Pegasus as the smallest of sounds are known to startle them away. To his surprise and relief, the Pegasus was still there and, strangely, had not even looked up. Then he heard the rustle again, this time louder. Looking back again he could now see what had made the noise and his relief turned to dread. Poachers. If they saw the Pegasus they would no doubt attempt to capture or kill it. Seeing them stalk closer toward it he now knew that they were in fact hunting it. He quickly used minor illusion to create a loud rustling near the Pegasus to warn it away. It didn’t move. Although the sound did not originate from where Sindri was hiding in the tree the Pegasus turned and looked directly at him. In awe of the creature’s gaze, he briefly forgot about the poachers, but only briefly. Not understanding why the Pegasus would not fly away he tried instead to distract the poachers. Using minor illusion, he created a roar of deafening magnitude, making the sound originate from behind a tree near the poachers. It worked! They ran at full speed straight back in the direction they came from, and Sindri experienced a pleasure far greater than any prank, game or adventure had ever come close to giving him. Without warning, the branch he was sitting on started to shake which caused him to fall to the ground. Turning back quickly to look at the tree he watched it shrink and morph into a hooded man holding a wooden staff. The hooded man looked at Sindri lying on the ground and started laughing as he motioned to the Pegasus to come closer. “You’ve ruined my hunt young gnome” he said holding his staff out to help Sindri up off the ground and stroking the Pegasus’s mane. “My name is Malkor Windrivver”.

Malkor was a druid of the circle Zivilyn, a druidic order of sages and divinators who are known to safeguard the most powerful secrets shared among all druids. The circle, made up of humans and elves, value natures balance and safe keeping above all else, and consider magic too precious a thing to be given to those who might misuse it. Consequently, it is not customary for magic to be shared with outsiders or members who are not old enough. All members of the circle live deep in Zivilyn Wood in a place called only, The Sanctuary. The Sanctuary, from the outside looks like vegetation so overgrown so as to be impassable, any attempt to cut through the brush is folly as anyone who tries has their energy drained at an abnormally fast rate. Inside the sanctuary there are dozens of small pockets along the edge of the vegetation, all surrounding a clearance with a great tree in the centre. Each pocket is one druids living quarters, the base of which is made up of intertwined tree branches elevated two feet off the ground and covered in thick, broad leaves to form a comfortable base. The walls and ceilings are formed out of multiple layers of interweaved fern leaves, making each pod completely weather proof. The great tree at the centre of the clearance is both a source of food for the circle, and the only way in and out of the Sanctuary but only for those who can both cast the ‘Transport via plants’ spell and have seen the tree before.

Despite the circle’s rules Malkor took a liking to Sindri and spent years taking the young gnome with him on adventures far across the world. Malkor was amused by Sindri’s insatiable desire for knowledge and took to calling him ‘Gilean’ after the God of knowledge whose symbol is an open book. Sindri developed a close relationship with Malkor and his Pegasus ‘Amadeus’ learning all he could of the mysterious druidic magic. Malkor had a fondness for killing orcs and hunters, often using Amadeus as bait for more prominent poachers. Sindri, although also detesting orcs for their wanton disregard for nature and hunters for their disrespect of life, did not like to hunt them himself. He preferred instead to use his remarkable intelligence to outwit and disrupt those he opposed, avoiding conflict and collateral damage at any cost. He is, however, capable of using his magic to harm, if attempts to outwit and deceive have failed.

After many years of visiting the sanctuary, and learning many secrets of the natural world Sindri was initiated into the circle of Zivilyn. His initial responsibilities within the circle were as an astronomer, a position which suited him perfectly. As he spent more time in the circle he began to be relied upon for strange and esoteric knowledge oft only available in archaic gnomish tomes. Although himself not a druid, sindri’s work and knowledge had been invaluable to the circle and soon, only at the ripe young age of 33 (considered a teenager to gnomes who live for many centuries), Sindri was declared Sage of Zivilyn by Enna Meliamne, head Priestess of the circle. This position required Sindri to travel to Talabriga and be an ambassador for the circle at the Grand Library. It would also allow him to research strange other worldly magic, not well known among the druids. Sindri relished this opportunity and now spends his days researching esoteric magic, sharing knowledge with other astronomers in the Grand Library, and authoring his book: “The Fractal Universe”. As a parting gift Enna Meliamne, recognising Sindri’s potential, had made for him a large silk tapestry, the outside of which was coloured an opaque forest green and decorated with a great tree woven onto its surface. The leaves and branches of the tree extend and cover the entire tapestry. At the center of the tree, a small open book in honour of sindris special relationship to Malkor. The underside of the tapestry has no distinguishable surface at all, but instead shows the sky above wherever the tapestry may be (if underground it will still show the sky above the surface). The tapestry has been enchanted to allow Gilean to write on its underside with his finger, allowing him to store his spells on the silk itself.

Sindri Oak AKA. Gilean

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