Willow Shadowhorn


Willow Shadowhorn was born to 2 retired adventurers who opened a shop to trade, buy and sell items to other adventurers. Fascinated by their tales and the goods she found in the store, willow always dreamed of becoming an adventurer herself. One day she stumbled upon a large heavy book bound in gnarled leather. Upon flicking through the pages, she was disturbed by the words and images depicted inside. She was compelled to burn the book, however the horrors she witnessed were forever burned into her psyche and slowly took a toll on her mental fortitude. Over the years, her mind decayed and Willow could feel the last pieces of herself slipping away. Not yet ready to spiral into the abyss, Willow pleaded with an unknown power, whose presence she had always felt, to save what was left of her sanity and instill in her the powers of the fiend so she could finally fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an adventurer. She made a pact with the Demogorgon in return for her eternal service and now lives in fear of the day the Demogorgon will call on her to fulfill her end of the bargain.
When the United Ecclesiary opened its doors to Warlocks, Willow eagerly joined their ranks in order to gain greater insight into the fiend she is bound to. Thus far she has uncovered little information, but has dedicated her life to understanding more. Willow also feels a deep seeded need to do as many good deeds as possible before the evil dwelling inside her takes over.

Personality Trait:
I expect danger around every corner

I kill monsters to make the world a safer place, and to exorcise my own demons

There’s evil in me, I can feel it. It must never be set free.

I have certain rituals that I must follow every day. I can never break them.

Willow Shadowhorn

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